Feature Request – Locked Query Tracking And Persistent Alerts

by May 26, 2015

1) So far in Monyog the only way I have found to get a history of who-locked-who is under "Real Time".  However, I need to start Real Time fresh each morning, the session doesn't continue to gather data when the browser page for Real Time isn't up.  This allows me to get an idea of who is locking who over the course of a single work-day, but I need to close down my laptop each night, needed for off-hour support.  So I have no idea of what does on during the night.  Can the locking tracking be added to Query Analyzer or another persistent tool?


2) Monyog monitors send emails only three times; when warning threshold is crossed, when alert threshold is crossed and when things become stable.  For replication this isn't really useful, emails can get overlooked in the mix.  It would be great if Monyog continued to end out emails regularly on the monitors the client desires.  So I would get "2,000 seconds behind", followed by "3,000 seconds behind", followed by "4,000 seconds behind", continuing until I fix the damn thing…




Scott Uhrick

Teladoc DBA