Feature Request-Filter to exclude tables from view

by Dec 11, 2014

We have a table called SomeSensitiveData. UserA does not have SELECT rights to the table.

We have a view called v_NoSensitiveData that includes most of the columns from table SomeSensitiveData but none of the sensitive columns. UserA has SELECT rights to the v_NoSensitiveData view so he can query data without seeing any sensitive info.

I can create a Compliance Manager filter so any SELECT events on v_NoSensitiveData are excluded. That works great. But the SELECT on the underlying SomeSensitiveData table still shows. I want that to also be excluded.

Can you please add a feature to the Filter setup that gives us the option to exclude events against a table under a view.

Or if I am missing some key feature that already exists in Compliance Manager, please let me know.