Feature Request: Results Window Side by Side with SQL Window

by Nov 3, 2019

I’d like to request a feature for query analyzer: the ability to move the results pane (text, text history, grid, pivot grid, form, execution plan) to either below the query pane (horizontal) or next to it (vertical). Obviously, the horizontal layout already exists. It would be great to do the results side by side with the script.

Alternatively, a floating results pane would meet this need.



aniltexascowboy over 3 years ago
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your question.

Currently the floating of the Results grids is not possible, However, we have the Floating Vertical Group and Horizontal Groups.

Have you taken a look at our documentation?



Aaron Wevodau over 3 years ago in reply to aniltexascowboy
Thanks for the note. That’s helpful but we’re looking for something specific to the results panels.

aniltexascowboy over 3 years ago in reply to Aaron Wevodau
Sounds good Aaron,

I will go ahead and log an enhancement request with our team.

Please kindly log a support case here for future reference.

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