Feature request: Table data editor

by Jan 28, 2013

When working with DB2, the precision of timestamps include milliseconds. By using the table data editor, I'm facing two problems:
1.) When I copy a timestamp from an existing cell to a new one, the milliseconds are lost. So when the original value is '2007-03-20 08:00:07.109', ADS will insert '2007-03-20 08:00:07.0'. I think, the full precision should be preserved. When instead of copying a single cell I'm cloning the whole row, it works as intended (full precision preserved).
2.) (here comes the feature request) The format (pattern) for editing timestamps is based on the locale of the Java VM. So usually I don't have a possibility to enter milliseconds. Would it be possible to make this format an option, similar to results format? Maybe this would be overkill, so an option to use the results format for editing also would solve the problem.