Filter tables in server pane

by Nov 3, 2018

Is there a way to quickly text search and filter tables in the tree view of the F1 server pane? If I wanted to quickly find a table to see details without having to scroll through a list of a thousand tables.


Thomas Conrad over 4 years ago

With the tree open to the table list for your database connection, you can just start typing the table name that you want to find.

Thanks, Tom

kenarnold over 4 years ago in reply to Thomas Conrad
Thomas thanks, what about contains vs begins with? Does it only search in begins with mode? I tried looking for a setting in the Options menu but couldn’t find anything

+1Thomas Conrad over 4 years ago in reply to kenarnold
Have you tried adding a * before your search text? For example *ror found ErrorLog in a list of tables. Another option to help narrow down your search with a lot of tables is to use server properties->filter described in the documentation here:

This is an example for MS SQL Server but can apply to any of the database connections.

Here is an example. You can set the filter to only see tables that start with the name Sheet like:

Maybe this would work better for you if you have a large amount of table objects. This can also be applied for other database objects.

Hope that helps…

Thanks, Tom