Find usernames and last logon times on a slaved hdd

by Oct 5, 2015

Hello, I am trying to find a good way of determining what is likely the primary user (or users, in some cases) of a particular HDD that we have archived.  So far, I have the following, which will gather the usernames from the Users folder on the drive, but I'm wondering if there's a better way that would also get their last logon time.  I might also be interested in user profile size, but I think that should be fairly simple to write.

    $ProfileList = Get-Item E:Users* -Exclude Administrator,Public,TEMP,UpdatusUser,user

In short, I would like to gather the username/last logon time/profile size info, then sort it by either last logon time or profile size, and then save only the top 5-10 results, and probably send them to a Zebra label printer if that's not too difficult.
Thanks in advance for the help,