Five database administration mistakes that can cost you your job

by Nov 15, 2018

Everyone makes mistakes. Database administrators are no exception to that rule. When database administrators make mistakes, they are often the ones who find it first and have to fix it. The trick to appear to never making mistakes is to get good at detecting and correcting my errors before anyone else notices. Some mistakes are often deemed inexcusable for a database administrator to make. These are the things that can cost organizations irreparable damage. Database administrators are often coerced into allowing things that they know they are wrong. When things go wrong, it is almost always the database administrator who is held responsible for failing to protect the data, no matter who signed off on the risky decisions. If a manager insists that database administrators do something that they know is wrong, it is incumbent upon the database administrators to educate that manager about why it is the wrong thing to do and press for doing the right thing.

The 7-page whitepaper “Five DBA Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job” describes the issues that a database administrator should never allow to happen even when there are specific scenarios with a lot of grey areas that can justify allowing a risky behavior. These five mistakes endanger the recoverability, the integrity, and the security of the data that database administrators protect. These five mistakes may be deemed unforgivable, and they can cost database administrators their job. Database administrators are the protectors and guardians of the data in the databases. And data is valuable and essential. It is the responsibility of a database administrator to protect it. The five mistakes all center on protecting the data. These mistakes jeopardize the recoverability, integrity, and security of the data.

The author, Robert L. Davis, was a senior database administrator and technical lead at Microsoft. He was a speaker and a trainer as well as a writer for SQL Server Magazine. Blogs: Twitter: @sqlsoldier.

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