Five reasons your SQL Server is slow

by Jul 26, 2018

Everybody would love to find the mythical “go faster” switch in SQL Server.

Unfortunately, this switch does not exist.

There are, however, many things that you can do with minimal effort that can speed up your SQL Server instances. You can fix things that are needlessly slowing down your SQL Server and causing it to work harder. These quick performance wins require a minimum amount of effort to implement and can deliver substantial improvements in performance.

The 11-page whitepaper “5 Reasons Your SQL Server Is Slow” is a guide to the five most common problems that cause your SQL Server to run more slowly than it should. These are issues that, once addressed, will allow your SQL Server instances to run faster. Best of all, very little work is required to fix them. The tips will help you both deal with and head off some widespread problems database administrators and SQL developers struggle with every day. Do not wait for the issues to occur, be proactive, and fix them today. Look for these known problems to get significant performance wins with minimal effort.

The author, Robert L. Davis, is a senior database administrator and technical lead at Microsoft. He is a speaker and a trainer as well as a writer for SQL Server Magazine, and co-authored “Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring” (Apress). You can find his blogs at “” and his tweets at Twitter’s “@sqlsoldier”.

Click here to read the whitepaper.

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