Force Line Breaks/new Line In Alert Emails

by Dec 12, 2013

Hi folks,


Does up.time ignore new lines (carriage return, line feed) when sending out alerts  by email?  The emails we receive have the contents of the service monitor output (i.e. “$OUTPUT$”) all in one single line.  We reviewed the service monitor script itself.  It uses wscript.echo command to produce output.   The wscript.echo adds carriage return and line feed by default so I would expect multi-lined output in the alert emails.  We have tried putting in “vbNewLine”, “vbCRLF”… etc. to the wscript.echo statement to force the new lines but without success.  Is there a way to get around this?



FYI.. Sample email we get…


Date: 6/Dec/2013

Time: 16:15

Date & Time: 6/Dec/2013 16:15


Host State: OK

Service: Test Service – File exists

Output: Minutes Old: 16 is less than 45 (Process returned with valid status – Total Files: 19  Message Newest file: newfile — Largest File: oldfile (5.09K:cool:  TotalSizeB 5212  TotalSizeKB 5.09  TotalSizeMB 0.005  TotalSizeGB 0  TotalSizeTB 0  MinutesOld 16  HoursOld 0  DaysOld 0  TotalFiles 19  )