Formating a Measure-Object output

by Apr 8, 2011

Wrote a text file with 30 lines.  Run the following.  It got the right info but I only need the answer – 30.  I am actually running through several hundred files and want just a text file with each row containing the line count of each file.

$testLOC = "c:tempThisIsATest.txt"
$rowCOUNT = Get-Content -Path $testLOC | Measure-Object -Line

          Lines Words           Characters      Property      
          —– —–           ———-      ——–      

$testLOC = "c:tempThisIsATest.txt"
$rowCOUNT = Get-Content -Path $testLOC | Measure-Object -Line | Format-List -Property Lines

Lines : 30

I can run this out into a text file and remove the "Lines :" from each entry but I would like just the "30".