Four Essential Tools for Database Professionals

by Nov 10, 2021

Exploring a Powerful Suite of Database Tools

Database administrators (DBAs) and developers have specific requirements concerning the software tools they use to get their jobs done efficiently. With the right combination of tools, team productivity, and job satisfaction increases. 

Conversely, attempting to maintain a complex database environment with the wrong third-party applications can be extremely challenging and frustrating. Both the database team and end-users will feel the pain involved with using the wrong tools.   

You might be wondering what constitutes the right tools for teams working with relational database platforms. Let’s take a look at four IDERA tools designed to facilitate the tasks necessary to maintain high-performing and available databases. We will also investigate how these tools are bundled to meet the needs of DBAs and developers. 

Tools for Database Professionals

The following applications each have a place in a database team’s software toolbox. They provide the features and functionality required to maintain a viable multi-platform database environment.

Rapid SQL

Rapid SQL is an appropriately named tool that helps database teams develop high-performing SQL code for multiple platforms from a unified GUI. The tool’s visual query builder and code analyst enable teams to easily build and debug complex SQL statements. Version control assists with collaborating across multiple development teams.

DB Change Manager

Managing and tracking database changes are necessary to maintain consistency across the environment. Understanding how systems have recently changed can also be instrumental in troubleshooting unexpected performance problems.

DB Change Manager facilitates managing database changes and also helps organizations comply with database audit and reporting requirements.

DB Optimizer

Another aptly named tool, DB Optimizer is designed to optimize SQL queries across the supported database platforms from the same GUI. Visual tuning diagrams help teams understand and streamline query performance. Wait-time analysis enables the identification of stubborn problems that slow down your databases. The tool allows you to simulate a production environment to test the performance of alternate SQL queries. 


This tool focuses on the daily tasks performed by an organization’s DBAs. It streamlines the management of multiple platforms from a single UI for enhanced productivity. Intelligent diagnostics enable DBAs to easily identify and fix problems affecting their systems.

Built-in analytics allow teams to proactively manage space, data, and system performance. User permissions can be viewed, granted, and revoked to ensure robust data security.

The DB PowerStudio Suite of Database Tools

The database tools listed above can all be purchased as standalone solutions. But in many cases, they work better in tandem. 

DB PowerStudio bundles the tools most appropriate for developers and DBAs into two versions tailored to meet their needs. DB PowerStudio supports SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase ASE, and Db2 LUW.

For developers, the DB PowerStudio includes Rapid SQL, DB Change Manager, and DB Optimizer. These tools encompass many of the features developers need when creating and enhancing enterprise databases.

DBAs get the same three tools with the addition of DBArtisan to provide the functionality they need to improve the database environment.

Learn more about Rapid SQL and DBArtisan by attending two IDERA live webinars. A demonstration of RapidSQL will be conducted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, at 11 AM EST. You can register for the webinar here.

An exploration of DBArtisan via webinar will be held on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 11 AM EST.  You can register for the webinar on this page.

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