Geek Sync | Improving Query Performance in Azure SQL Database

by Nov 12, 2020

Moving to Azure SQL can help with many things, including faster scalability and easier disaster recovery strategy implementation. Unfortunately, one thing it will not immediately do is fix bad code, which leads to bad performance even in Azure SQL.

In this hour-long session, IDERA and John Morehouse examine several different methods that you can utilize to help fix bad performance starting with the underlying service tier. Next, John investigates what options are available directly from the Azure portal to determine where the bottlenecks might reside along with possible ways to fix them. Lastly, we interrogate which native SQL Server tools exist within Azure SQL Database that can really help solve any performance issues you might be having.

Watch the Geek Sync webinar replay to gain a solid understanding of how to troubleshoot performance issues in Azure SQL Database and what you might be able to do to help fix them.

The speaker, John Morehouse, is currently a Consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates living in Louisville, Kentucky. John led the Omaha SQL Server user group for 7 years and is now a leader of the Louisville SQL Server/Power BI user group. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, 2016 IDERA ACE, blogger, avid tweeter, and a frequent speaker at SQL Saturday's as well as other conferences. In his spare time, you can usually find John on Twitter (@sqlrus) as well as chasing his two young sons around the house.

View a preview of the Geek Sync webinar replay below:

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