Geek Sync | Practical PowerShell For The Busy DBA

by Dec 2, 2020

Many DBAs don't have time to learn PowerShell. Thankfully, there is an excellent PowerShell library already created specifically for handling many of the tasks that SQL Server DBAs regularly perform, and you will be surprised at just how easy it is to use! How would you like to be able to patch all, or just a few, of your SQL Servers by calling 1 command? What about backing up and restoring multiple databases to your Dev and QA environments with a single click? Do you need to migrate all of your logins, or SQL Agent jobs, from one server to another? There's a simple command for that. You can even have a single script that configures a new server in minutes, or ensures your existing servers match your desired configuration.

Watch the Geek Sync webinar replay with Eric Cobb discussing just how easy it is to use the dbatools PowerShell module, and take PowerShell from a "Nice To Have" to "I Must Have That!"

After a 14-year programming career as a web and software developer, Eric Cobb decided to move full time into the world of databases and became a SQL Server database administrator. He earned 2 SQL Server MCSE certifications along the way, and now manages a team of SQL Server professionals. Eric regularly presents and blogs about SQL Server, with a focus on teaching database administration and design concepts to the developer community. He frequently speaks at Developer and Database conferences throughout the country. In 2019 Eric was selected to be a 2020 IDERA ACE, for showing a passion in helping the developer community and sharing his knowledge.

View a preview of the Geek Sync webinar replay below:

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