Get Better Integration with SCOM using SQLdm SCOM Management Pack

by Jun 17, 2014

It’s an age old problem in IT, one IT department has one standard and tools they use to manage their systems. Another IT department has another standard and tools they use to manage their systems. And ‘corporate’ has perhaps an over-arching standard with a mandate of what IT tools should be used. Each of these standards are established for good reason, but inevitably there are times when the different departments clash as needs are not met or certain tools are insufficient to do their jobs effectively.

One such typical scenario is that of organizations with a corporate standard to use Microsoft’s System Center (SCOM) to monitor the health and performance of Microsoft’s various IT technologies across their enterprise. SCOM has product-and system-specific Management Packs (MPs) available natively from Microsoft for all their Enterprise-class server applications including SQL Server.

The native MP for SQL Server, however, is basic and has limitations when it comes to effectively managing performance issues on SQL Servers. DBAs know this all too well and cringe when told they must comply to the corporate standard and use SCOM instead of other performance monitoring tools such as SQL Diagnostic Manager. If this situation sounds familiar to you, read on.

Whether you’re a DBA using SQL Diagnostic Manager looking to integrate with a SCOM deployment, a SCOM user who wants more advanced SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics, or users of both SCOM and SQL Diagnostic Manager who want to integrate the two, the SQLdm Management Pack for SCOM might help you.

DBAs and IT Operators can achieve better synchronization and still utilize the tools to which they are each familiar with no customization required. Read all about it in this FAQ: SQLDM+SystemsCenter_FAQ