Get-Childitem -exclude

by Feb 4, 2013

Altough a very basic problem, this still seems beyond me:

Get-ChildItem -Force -path d:

Directory: D:

Mode       LastWriteTime   Length         Name
—-          ————-         ——            —
d–hs       04.02.2013       11:48          $RECYCLE.BIN
d—-        04.02.2013       12:53           f1
d—-        04.02.2013       12:53           f2
d–hs       20.08.2012       13:40           System Volume Information
d—-        04.02.2013       11:47           vImages

Everything as expected here. Now I want to exclude the directory "vImages"

Get-ChildItem -Force -path d: -exclude vImages


Nothing gets returned. I could use the -path d:* option with an asterisk but then it would display the contents of the folders, which is not what I want.

My question is, why does Get-ChildItem return nothing when used in conjunction with the exclude parameter?

Thanks for your help.