Groups Issue After 7.5 Upgrade

by Aug 14, 2015



I noticed that the 7.5 upgrade was now available for download so downloaded and installed it, which seemed to go ok.  After logging in to the web front-end I have came across a weird issue with groups.  We have 4 groups e.g. gr1, gr2, gr3 & gr4, but gr1 is no longer displayed on the main dashboard tab. 


The ‘My Infrastructure’ tab has a line saying ‘There are no groups to display’.  If I select ‘Add Group’  the pop-up windows shows grp2, grp3 and grp4 in the ‘Available Groups’ section.  I tried to add a new ‘gr1′ but it says that a group with that name already exists.


I can create a group with a new name (gr1:cool: and add the required elements and it appears in the dashboard tab, but the ‘My infrastructure’ tab still shows the ‘There are no groups to display message’.  Therefore, I am unable to edit or delete any of the groups.


I have restarted all services on the uptime server, but that has not made any difference.