help Adding printer permissions …with powershell and suninacl

by Jan 17, 2011

I am a power shell noob…I am trying to set printer permissions using powershell to launch subinacl.  I am currently importing a csv file with gruopnames, servernames, and sharename.  I am very close to getting this to work …when I run my code there are know errors however it does not add the domain group i am tring to add…instead it adds the windows "builtinaccount" ….here is my code so far…


$printers = Import-Csv c:printers.csv

foreach ($printer in $printers) {
$sharepath = '"\'+ $printer.Printserver + '' + $printer.Sharename+'"'
$printergroup = '"'+$'"'
&$tool /print $sharepath  /grant= $printergroup =P


syntax for subinacl should look like this

c:subinacl.exe /print \servernameshare  /grant="domangroup"=P


Thank you for any help you can offer