Hi, I’m Karen (@DataChick)

by Oct 30, 2014

Hi Data People!


I'm new here at the Embarcadero's community, but I'm not new to ER/Studio products.  I've been using ER/Studio for more years than some people have been data modeling..or driving.  Let's just say I remember DB2 going from 18 characters to 32. Yes, I'm that old experienced.

I bet I have met a lot of you at DAMA or other data conferences, maybe even a few SQL Saturdays. I love to meet people and hear about how they are using data modeling to make significant contributions to their organizations. I deemed 2014 THE YEAR OF DATA and I see no difference in how 2015 is shaping up.  Data is new oil? I say Data is the new way we do business. It's actually where we keep the money these days.  

Some bullet points about me (every blog post needs bullet points, right?):

  • I've been doing this data stuff for more than 20 years. I stopped counting then.
  • I do a lot of public speaking, being data evangelist and all.  
  • I'm a chronic volunteer.
  • I travel with @data_model, encouraging girls to take more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes.
  • I'm a member of the ER/Studio Product Advisory Committee
  • I'm an Advisor for DAMA, international and Zachman International. They sometimes even take my advice.
  • I'm a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server, although I work with other database technologies.
  • I'm a Dun & Bradstreet MVP.
  • I'm a runner, even though I don't look like one.  I just finished my third marathon this week and my body is not happy with me about that.  My heart still loves me, though.
  • I'm a space exploration enthusiast/social media advocate. That means I also travel with @venusbarbie to talk with people about NASA, CSA, ESA, JAXA and astronauts. I sometimes get to do cool things with astronauts, too.
  • I tweet as @datachick (I tweet a lot – about 163k tweets at the time I wrote this).
  • I have a monthly webinar and blog at Dataversity.net – Big Challenges in Data Modeling.

I also write on my blog at datamodel.com.  

What I hope to accomplish here: I want to share some of the trick and tips I have for ER/Studio, I want to provide some thought-provoking content about the process of data modeling, the state of the data industry, and  insights into what's coming next to the data profession.  I'd also love to help this community of ER/Studio uses come togehter to help make all our jobs easier and fun.  Sure, we love normalization and xNFs, but that doesn't mean we data architects are all constraints and no fun.

To be a community, we need more than just that word in the URL above.  We need to share and connect with each other.  I'm happy that Embarcadero has provided us with a platform to do this.  So step up and tell me something about you.