Highlights: High-Availability and Scalability with Galera Cluster for MySQL

by May 18, 2017

Thank you everyone who attended our webinar on “High-Availability and Scalability with Galera Cluster for MySQL”.

This joint webinar by Monyog and Galera Cluster provided a deep dive into the developments and benefits of Galera Cluster. We further emphasized on the ease of monitoring Galera Cluster using our monitoring tool – Monyog.

The webinar was co-hosted by Shree Nair, Product Manager, Webyog and Sakari Keskitalo, COO, Codership providing best practices to achieve high-availability and scalability with Galera Cluster for MySQL.

Here’s the complete video for all those who couldn’t attend the webinar.

We hope you found the webinar useful. We will be conducting more webinars in upcoming weeks. To keep yourself updated, subscribe to our blogs.

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