How best to work with Oracle packages?

by Feb 22, 2013

With regard to issue 4005:…/4005

Our current version:
Aqua Data Studio 12.0.9 Build #: 30221 Built on: 2012-Nov-19 12:38:07 PM

Can ADS be enhanced with an Open Package File button as mentioned in the issue above? Or can package files simply be opened with each statement receiving its own tab? And can a treeview be included in the Package Editor which maps out each member of the package spec and package building to aid navigation through large packages?

We recently switched from TOAD to ADS and are looking to optimize how we work with ADS specifically with editing Oracle packages. We store all our package script/code in text files under souce control completely external to the database. When it's time to make a change, we first check out the package code file to get a local copy. Then in ADS, I have to navigate down to the Package Bodies folder in the treeview, right-click and select "Create Package building in Editor" and then open my local file, discarding the created stub code.

Our standard for several years has been to include GRANT statements at the end of our code, after the first statement CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE and the second statement CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE building. Thus, ADS opens all this code in the building tab of the Oracle Package Editor. If I remove the GRANT statements, the spec then appears in the Spec tab and the building appears in the building tab, as expected.

To work around this, I will need to move the GRANT statements to a separate file and just remember to include them in our Test and Prod moves even though no changes are being made to these statements.

Thank you