How can i connect to AWS Athena from Aqua Data Studio?

by Nov 3, 2019

I have the driver from and am able to connect via pycharm without a problem. 

I tried setting up a generic jdbc connection, but am not sure where to put connection parameters such as:

Workgroup primary,

Any advice?


Thomas Conrad over 3 years ago

This is the way that I connected to Athena using a generic jdbc connection.

Here is an example of the url that I used.

Give that a try.


Dave Poole over 3 years ago in reply to Thomas Conrad

Hi, I have found that the method above does trigger an Athena query and does write out the results to the S3OutputLocation but does not return those results to Aquafold Data Studio. The Aquafold query window simply spins until a timeout condition is reached.

Thomas Conrad over 3 years ago in reply to Dave Poole


I am not that familiar with Athena since we don’t support it yet. In the AWS console, I had to add a result set bucket in s3 to hold query results and so maybe the same is true for you. Perhaps that is why it is just spinning. That suggests that ADS Generic JDBC has some limitations with Athena.