How can you check if the systemstart network initialization is complete?

by Feb 8, 2012


i work on script that deploy my network settings and other settings on new servers.

The script install software. (from a mounted iso file via Remote Service Board) and restart the system.

One part of the software is the Broadcom BACS Tool, after the systemrestart the script start the bacscli Tool for create the network team …

On some servers there is a problem, the script start the bacscli Tool, but the windows network initialization is is not ready yet, you can see this in the systray, it show the Network icon with a blue spinning circle (W2K8 R2).

How can you check if the initialization is complete, before the script begins configuring the network.

My workAround: I using 1 min. waiting loop, but I hope there is a more elegant solution.

Thank you.

Best regards