How did Monyog help Moodlerooms deliver a unified experience for their key clients?

by Aug 30, 2016



There is a growing culture of impatience in today’s fast-paced world. The demand for instant results means that most users cannot tolerate slow loading web or mobile applications. Users expect the applications to work flawlessly across platforms, irrespective of where they access from, when they do it and how they access them. At the same time, businesses want to deploy new applications that are highly interactive in nature and provide a rich and engaging experience to the users. These applications use complex infrastructure on the back end as well as execute complex logic on the client side. Therefore, the big challenge for IT operations teams in most organizations is to ensure continuous delivery of their complex, dynamic applications while catering to the user’s expectation of instant gratification. Application downtime or slowdown can turn away users, impacting the revenue as well as the credibility of a business, which can be hard to overcome.

Productivity and business impact

Moodlerooms needed the ability to store queries over a period of time and view the execution time information as well as the literals have been tremendously helpful in enabling us to track down and fix poorly performing queries. Overall this has enabled to regularly target the top 10 poorly performing queries and be able to work to enhance the page load time of our product.

“ We needed a way to gather, store, and analyze historical query data in order to identify slow queries and deadlocks across 1700 customer sites that were spread across 70 database servers. We also were looking for an easy to understand UI to give access and insight to our customer support staff and operations teams none of whom are formally trained as DBA's.”

– Miguel Santos, Manager of Technical Operations, Moodlerooms

Delivering a unified moodlerooms experience for key clients

The wayback machine, the process list visualization, and the ability to gather metrics for deadlocks and other occurrences were exactly the type of tool to provide insight into the real time functions of the database servers we were looking for. The ability to install a single light weight instance per data center and use that to monitor all database servers within that datacenter via an easy to use UI allowed us to give access to all support and operations staff and enabled them to utilize the features with a minimum of instruction.

Customer speak

We are hopeful to see a more robust API including report generation as these would facilitate growth projections and resource re-allocation. Also, we would like to see the option to customize or create graphs based upon the metrics gathered.

“ Monyog helped us in optimizing and tracking mission critical data across 1700 customer sites and spread across 70 database servers”, says Miguel.

About moodlerooms

Moodlerooms is an education technology company dedicated to bringing excellent online teaching to institutions across the globe. We serve colleges and universities, schools and organizations by supporting the software that educators use to manage and deliver instructional content to learners in online classrooms. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, we are proud to be a Moodle Partner company and strategically partnered with Blackboard, Inc., a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions.