How do I turn off Scientific Notation in the Grid and Text Results for Sybase ASE FLOAT data type?

by Nov 4, 2014

How do we turn off scientific notation? Iā€™m getting this in both text and grid results for Sybase ASE servers.

create table myfloat ( floater float NOT NULL)


insert myfloat select (10000000000.00)


select * from myfloat







Jonathan Powers over 9 years ago
In Sybase ASE, a “float” data type is treated as “real” or “double precision” depending on the specified precision.

From Sybase documentation:

3) When I declare a column or variable to be of type float, there is an optional [precision] specification. What effect does this have?

If precision is less than 16, the server will use a 4-byte real. If the precision is >= 16, the server will use an 8-byte double. You can explicitly tell the server to use type real or type double precision. If you do not specify a precision and use float, the server will default to a double.

In your case, the floater column has a data type of “double precision”. Therefore, you need to update the Format of the DOUBLE PRECISION data type and choose one of the number formats. For example, choose “#,##0.00” if you want to have the comma as the thousand indicator and 2 decimal places.

Ensure that in File > Options > Results Format > Sybase ASE > that you change FLOAT to display DOUBLE PRECISION, and use the “#,##0.00” format