How do I turn off Scientific Notation in the Grid and Text Results for Sybase ASE FLOAT data type?

by Nov 4, 2014

How do we turn off scientific notation? I’m getting this in both text and grid results for Sybase ASE servers.

create table myfloat ( floater float NOT NULL)


insert myfloat select (10000000000.00)


select * from myfloat







Jonathan Powers over 9 years ago
In Sybase ASE, a “float” data type is treated as “real” or “double precision” depending on the specified precision.

From Sybase documentation:

3) When I declare a column or variable to be of type float, there is an optional [precision] specification. What effect does this have?

If precision is less than 16, the server will use a 4-byte real. If the precision is >= 16, the server will use an 8-byte double. You can explicitly tell the server to use type real or type double precision. If you do not specify a precision and use float, the server will default to a double.

In your case, the floater column has a data type of “double precision”. Therefore, you need to update the Format of the DOUBLE PRECISION data type and choose one of the number formats. For example, choose “#,##0.00” if you want to have the comma as the thousand indicator and 2 decimal places.

Ensure that in File > Options > Results Format > Sybase ASE > that you change FLOAT to display DOUBLE PRECISION, and use the “#,##0.00” format