How Do You Collaborate on Enterprise Data?

by Jul 31, 2015

As enterprise data environments become more complex, the need for full understanding of what the data means becomes more apparent. When you’re trying to integrate data from different sources, you have to ensure that information doesn’t get tagged incorrectly, or it may be lost to the business users that needed it.
How is your business ensuring that it understands how to interpret corporate data? Are you sure that your business users and your data professionals agree on what specific terms really mean? One way to make sure everyone is on the same page is to give them the right access to that page, with a collaborative environment showing the details they need and enabling them to contribute to the content.
Embarcadero offers a solution to address these needs. The ER/Studio Team Server provides that centralized repository for access to business glossaries, data sources, and model details. Watch this 15-minute demonstration to see how ER/Studio helps your team communicate and collaborate on important information that increases the value of your corporate data.


Maybe you need to reconcile old data and new data, and eliminate erroneous entries. How do you find what the various terms mean and where the relevant data resides? In this on-demand webinar, Karen Lopez shares tips and insights on business / data challenges, including:
  • What issues exist with current methods
  • What information business users really need
  • How to find that information


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