How does vCenter display ESX hosts which have other Precise agents installed?

by Sep 16, 2014

Within the Precise UI, the Infrastructure tab, which displays the vCenter information, is designed to be displayed per Application. That is as defined within Precise, and is what used to be known as “environments”.

The left side of the UI screen contains all ESXs, VMs, and other (non-VM) servers which participate in the chosen Application.

On the left side of the UI  Infrastructure screen for the Application (environment) all ESXs, VMs, and other servers which belong to that Application are displayed.  They contain instances that are monitored by Precise.  So, if looking at the left side only, one may be led to believe that Precise only shows monitored VMs and ESXs, but not all of them.

However, in the view at the right side of the UI screen, a long list of VMs, some of which do not belong to any monitored Precise application can be seen, with statistics. They’re there because they reside on the same ESX as the monitored instances.

It is true, that ESXs which never run any instance that is monitored by Precise, will not be shown in this screen, since their performance is not related in any way to the Applications (environments) monitored by Precise.

In other words, all VMs (including those not monitored by Precise) are visible on the right side of the screen, if they are on the same ESX host as another VM that is monitored by Precise.  On the left side of the screen, only ESXs and VMs belonging to the chosen Application (environment) will be seen.