How Monyog helped CloudMagic detect an RDS issue within seconds

by Sep 13, 2016

CloudMagic detailsCloudMagic is an email app for iOS, Android and MacOS with over 4 million downloads. CloudMagic has catered to email users across the globe with top-notch product development and is known for its blazing fast search capabilities. CloudMagic uses RDS among many other AWS services. The tech team uses Monyog for monitoring their MySQL servers. Recently, the CloudMagic team reported that Monyog helped them quickly identify the reason behind an issue.

Here's what happened:

Amazon Web Services had promoted the standby instance as the primary one. When AWS RDS does a failover connections to the server generally fails for a couple of minutes. This is what happened for one of their RDS servers and PagerDuty alerted them. Just when they started to debug, a Monyog alert cut short debugging time to under a minute. Below is the alert mail sent by Monyog, at the same time when PagerDuty alert went off.

The specific configuration that generated the alert:MONyog Email Alert

Below is the screenshot from Monyog’s configuration page where you can enable this alert:

Settings' screenshot

What would have happened without Monyog's alerting capabilities?

The team would have spent more time shuffling through various dashboards and monitors to find the particular issue and take appropriate actions. Monitoring your MySQL servers requires the ability to identify critical events amongst others.

Happy Monitoring!

Monyog helps in identifying configuration changes within seconds and monitors MySQL servers in real-time. Download your free trial here.