How "Only Display Databases that User has Access to" option works in Advance tab of register server

by Jan 22, 2014


Pavel Alexeev over 9 years ago
I think its made by…/11334, is not?


Sachin Prakash over 9 years ago
Hi Tom,

Is there a way to have the results of the query displayed immediately as they are available?

No, this is not an option provided by ADS. You’ve accurately described the “max results” and “fetch size” features, and in our experience we’ve found this is sufficient for users.

Let me know if there is a specific use case you have that makes the usage of “max results” not practical / viable in your scenario.

Brock McDonald over 9 years ago
Actually I agree with Tom, that having something that started returning results as soon as possible would be useful, similar to the way SQL Server Management Studio does.

I still greatly prefer the way ADS allows the Max Results, as I see too many users that run in the SQL Server tools and then hit stop, instead of adding TOP statement, but when some queries are taking a while to run but returning results, it would be helpful to start seeing results sooner.

I guess this would be an issue if you were sorting in the grid, so it would not work if the user had chosen to sort on a column.