How to access existing unique and check constraints

by Nov 4, 2013

I see how to add ‘new’ unique constraints and check constraints, but how to I access these details once they’re created? I would have expected either under Properties or the Edit menu to provide access them. I do see these constraints in the results in the DDL generation so I know they were established, I just don’t know how to edit or remove them.

Thank you.


Niels Gron over 9 years ago
If you Alter Table, or view Properties, then click on “Constraints” tab. You can click to choose the constraint and at the bottom of the window is the Constraint details.

Tariq Rahiman over 9 years ago
Hello Steve

In the ER Modeler, you can expand the Tables and find the Constraint Node and view the properties and edit them. In the Visual Editor, you can Alter a Table and edit them as in attached screenshot.

Can you let us know which database vendor, you are connected to ?

Steve Colvin over 9 years ago

Thank you. Greenplum


I don’t see a Constraints tab in the table properties window. (Right click on table, went to Properties, and only have General, Storage, Comments, Appearance, and SQL Preview.

How do I get to Alter Table except through the Table hierarchy tree and find the Constraint Node?

Niels Gron over 9 years ago
Can you provide us screenshots of what you are experiencing?

Can you tell us what part of the application you are using? Visual Editing? ER Modeler?