How to customize the dashboard, monitor query-level waits, and monitor backups with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server.

by Nov 7, 2019

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server helps database administrators to find and fix SQL Server performance problems in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Unlike its competition, it provides effective scalability, advanced SQL query analysis and optimization, prescriptive analysis with corrective SQL scripts, powerful automated alert responses, broad PowerShell integration, complete customization, and extensive support for current and legacy SQL Server and Windows.

With the following videos, learn how to customize the dashboard, monitor query-level waits, and monitor backups with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server.

Customize the dashboard

The initial dashboard overview that SQL Diagnostic Manager displays is entirely customizable with different categories of counters. Customize the dashboard for each monitored SQL Server instance by selecting the panels that are the most important to display. Define and save multiple dashboards to compare metrics across monitored instances. Customize the dashboard for the selected instance or as the default for all added instances. Set up different dashboards for different people, diverse use cases, and monitors of different sizes. Learn how to customize your dashboards in this video.

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Monitor query-level waits

Analyze query-level waits over time and by duration with SQL Diagnostic Manager to locate the top bottlenecks and what changes may potentially have the biggest performance boost on each SQL Server instance. Display a dual graphical view of query wait statistics to see an impact analysis of waits historically and to perform a real-time assessment of existing query activity and associated waits. Use the history browser in conjunction with wait statistics for a very granular level of root-cause analysis when identifying performance bottlenecks in the past.

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Monitor backups

View the history of backups and restores of each database on each selected SQL Server instance with SQL Diagnostic Manager. View the history of a database or a group of databases. View the date and time of the backup or restore, the user that initiated it, and the size and path of the backup or restore file. The backup wait type category includes all of the waits that are associated with bottlenecks caused during a backup process. The backup alerts indicate the number of days that databases per-database or at the instance level have not been backed up.

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