How to execute SQL queries from text files

by Nov 4, 2014


I am using Aqua Data Studio 7.0.39 for my Database Stuff. I have a 20 SQL files(all contains sql statements, obviously).

I want to execute all rather than copy-paste contains for each.

Is there any way in Aqua to do such things.

Note: I am using Sybase

Thank you !!


Niels Gron over 8 years ago
You can do this using FluidShell in Aqua Data Studio 15.0. Version 7.0 does not have a mechanism for this.


Gordon Garrison over 7 years ago
Hi Niels,

I have ADS 16.0.9 and am trying to understand how to do this. Can you provide a sample script and instructions about how to schedule it?

I have a number of directories with SQL statements, each directory will insert into a specific table, so I need to be able to load them either one at a time or concatenated into the sqlbuffer, then execute.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Niels Gron over 7 years ago
Here is documentation on how to do this …

How to use FluidShell :

Use the “source” command :

Run from command line and schedule for execution :

Gordon Garrison over 7 years ago
Thank you. Can you tell me how to run from a Unix command line? I’m running OS X 10.11.

Niels Gron over 7 years ago
The scripts for the OSX .app package are in /Aqua Data Studio