How to get alert notifications through SMS

by Jan 18, 2018

In a number of our products, such as SQL Diagnostic Manager and SQL Safe Backup, there exists a means to configure alert notifications through an email. Despite the fact that just about everyone can read their email on their smart device, there may be times and/or situations where it may be more advantageous to send text message or SMS. The good news is that most carriers provide an SMS Gateway, which can be used to basically convert email messages to an SMS text message. All you need to know is (1) the phone number and (2) the carrier. With these two pieces of information, you can construct an email address for the destination phone number. 

Knowing the carrier is important as it determines the domain portion of the email address. The table below contains a list of carriers and the domains associated with those carriers.

Carrier Domain
AT&T Mobility
AT&T Enterprise Paging
Verizon Wireless

To construction the email address, you simply need to use the 10 digit phone number and the domain together. For example, [10-digit-number] could be used to send an SMS to the phone number whose carrier is AT&T Mobility.

The list above is far from complete. If you don't see your carrier on the list, you can always call the carrier's customer support to obtain the _SMS Gateway_ that should be used.