How to Migrate from ER/Studio Repository 7.0 to ER/Studio Team Server 2016

by Apr 12, 2016

ER/Studio has evolved in various ways over the past several releases. One of the key changes introduced in ER/Studio 2016 in January 2016 is the integrated database deployment for the Repository and Team Server functions. This simplifies model management by eliminating the need to synchronize models between the Repository and a separate Team Server database used for model viewing in the web-based interface.

With the combined database configuration now used for the ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition, Data Architect users can now store all models in the Repository, and choose which ones to publish into the Team Server viewer.

For our ER/Studio Data Architect Professional customers who are using the Repository, but not the Team Server, it may seem odd that you need to access the Repository configuration screen through the Team Server browser interface. Note that unless you have purchased the Enterprise Team Edition and a Team Server core license, you won’t have access to the Team Server metadata, glossary, and collaboration capabilities, but you will still need to log into the Team Server user interface to install and set up your model Repository database.

This helpful Tech Note explains the steps to set up just the Repository using the Team Server interface, to help DA-Pro and legacy customers who have not licensed Team Server for their environment.