How to plan capacity, monitor Always On availability groups, report, and integrate with PowerShell with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

by Nov 28, 2019

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server helps database administrators to find and fix SQL Server performance problems in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Unlike its competition, it provides effective scalability, advanced SQL query analysis and optimization, prescriptive analysis with corrective SQL scripts, powerful automated alert responses, broad PowerShell integration, complete customization, and extensive support for current and legacy SQL Server and Windows.

With the following videos, learn how to customize the dashboard, monitor query-level waits, and monitor backups with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server.

Plan capacity

Capacity planning for SQL Server is not for the faint of heart. Storage and disk capacity are apparent, but when trying to right-size databases for a new SQL Server implementation or migration, there is a lot more to think about than just space. Beyond considering sizing and future growth, also consider design, configuration, and other essential resources to ensure that the new SQL Server is performing optimally. SQL Diagnostic Manager can help gather data concerning the current usage and growth trends of databases for capacity planning.

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Monitor Always On availability groups

Always On availability groups are part of an integrated solution with the goal of achieving the highest level of data availability and disaster recovery for organizations. Availability groups grant database administrators the ability to automatically or manually failover a group of databases as a single unit with support for several secondary replicas. However, 100% uptime is not a realistic expectation. Additionally, it is not merely up to the feature to remain online. It requires an effort to make it useful. Monitor Always On availability groups, availability databases, and availability replicas with SQL Diagnostic Manager.

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SQL Diagnostic Manager provides comprehensive reports to analyze current and historical performance and statistical data. SQL Diagnostic Manager can report on monitoring, analysis, and planning along with the ability to create custom reports. Include in custom reports any collected metric, including custom counters. Choose the counters to include in a report, order the way the metrics appear, and specify the aggregation method used on each of the metrics. In addition to the included reports, deploy web-based custom reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for a comprehensive auditing solution.

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Integrate with PowerShell

SQL Diagnostic Manager combines with PowerShell to proactively monitor SQL Server performance. Utilize the vast power of PowerShell scripts via the customizable monitoring environment of SQL Diagnostic Manager. Automate administration of deployments of SQL Diagnostic Manager. Customize properties of monitored SQL Servers. Execute scripts in response to alerts. Connect existing scripts to the monitoring environment to automate execution. Use the powerful monitoring environment instead of writing custom scripts.

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