How to prevent the data collector unavailable message on server restarts.

by Feb 18, 2017

Hello Windows world Uptimers! Robert here with a quick tip to help cure those data collector blues.

This message (malady) usually occurs because the data collector tries to start up before there is a MySQL database available for it to talk to, and it gives up trying. MySQL usually starts up pretty quickly, but depending on how big your cache is, MySQL can take a little while getting the old cache data loaded back up prior to start. Nice of it right? Well Windows folks, here is the easy way to set up service dependencies if you're using the packaged MySQL DB.

Open up a command prompt using the run as administrator option. We'll be using sc.exe which requires elevation. Then run the following two commands:

sc config "Uptime Data Collector" depend= "Uptime Data Store"
sc config "Uptime Controller" depend= "Uptime Data Store"

Now, the collector and controller will not try to start unless it sees the data store (MySQL) is running. You may also choose to edit the properties of the collector and controller in the failure actions section to allow them both to attempt automatic restart.

That's it!