How to validate the Archive Policy

by Nov 22, 2016

I have an archive policy set up that has "Overall CPU/Memory Statistics" and "Multi-CPU Statistics" set to 24 months, and all else set to 1 month(s). 

Our instance of Uptime 7.7.3 has been running for over a month. 

I would like to confirm that the archiving capability is functioning properly. I've reviewed Based on my understanding, after 1 month we should be seeing archive .xml files getting generated in /usr/local/uptime/archives on our Linux installation. This would be for all but the two set for 2 years of retention referenced above. 

Earlier, I ran the "Archive Now" utility via the interface and did not see .xml files getting generated in this manner either. I was also told that internally we had issues with archiving in our previous implementation (7.2), and although it was configured to archive as well I notice that the /usr/local/uptime/archives directory is also empty on it.

What steps can I take to verify? Is there something I am missing? Should I not expect to see monthly archive files for the various Archive Policy categories?