IDERA Announces Rapid Database Extractor Free Tool

by Oct 5, 2016

We’ve recently released our latest free tool which is the first in the database development portfolio. With this new release, we now have 23 free tools to offer which is very exciting.

Database developers with heterogeneous database environments typically have to use multiple database-specific tools to complete tasks that Rapid Database Extractor can execute in a single integrated development environment. By contrast, IDERA’s free tool streamlines and automates common and repetitive database exploration tasks, reducing errors, saving time and increasing productivity.

“We’re excited to expand IDERA’s award-winning free tool portfolio to include Rapid Database Extractor,” said Bert Scalzo, product manager at IDERA. “Since the acquisition of Embarcadero’s database development tools, we have discovered that there’s a great need for simple free tools to more easily explore and manipulate database content to do common tasks fast. Rapid Database Extractor is a powerful tool that brings great value to those who lack additional budget to acquire solutions.”

You can read the full press release here.