IDERA ER/Studio Repository Database Setup and Ports – Part 1 – SQL Server

by Sep 5, 2017



In this latest blog post, I will be covering the Database setup one would need for our IDERA ER/Studio Repository.



  1. SQL Server 2012-2016 (Standard and Above)
  2. SQL Server Configuration Manager Enable TCP Ports 

    The default port is 1433. You may add your custom Port. 

    View Article here.. 

  3. Enable Repository Ports in your Windows Firewall 

    View Article here..

    Here are the list of ports that needs to be open.

    Please add the Port Range from 54331-54333 

  4. Finally, Database Setup 

    Launch SQL Server Management Studio. 

    Create a Database called teamserver or repository. Any custom name is also fine. 

    Create a SQL Server login: any login name will be fine. In our example, we will be using RepoUser, and create a password.

    After creating the login, right click on the login and choose Properties.

    Under the login options, click on User Mappings 

    Once in that location, click on the database and under the owner options , choose Database Owner.


         This completes the database setup. Login as the new sql server user and try to create a table. If everything goes well, we are in business! 



Congratulations! You have just learned on how to setup the Pre-requisites for IDERA ER/Studio Repository Database.

In an upcoming tutorial, we will cover on how to perform the same steps, but in Oracle.