Idera SQL Boost 2.9 is here!

by Jan 8, 2015

I am pleased to announce the availability of SQL Boost 2.9 (formerly known as SQL Traffic Accelerator)!

This release is about more than just a name!  SQL Boost 2.9 adds a new performance logging feature to the dashboard as well as bug fixes from version 2.8.

Why SQL Boost?

Fundamental shifts in how SQL applications are being deployed and how they are accessed are accelerating.  Distributed models and the increasing use of cloud and remote deployments coupled with a growing dispersed user community are realities for many organizations.  In this environment bandwidth constraints and data security present a major challenge DBAs must address.  Insufficient bandwidth realties over Wide Area Networks (WAN) and to remote locations can result in significant latency, reduced service levels, and added costs.  This can force organizations to limit the use of cloud or remote deployments and necessitate underserving remote users or not serving them at all.

SQL Boost provides a simple, low cost way for DBAs to specifically target and boost SQL transactions.  It dynamically compresses SQL transactions to improve performance and reduce costs and encrypts the transmission end-to-end to strengthen data security.  Traditional network based acceleration appliances are costly, difficult to install, and often go beyond the area of responsibility for most SQL DBAs.  SQL Boost is an inexpensive software solution that requires zero configuration and can be downloaded and installed in minutes.  With SQL Boost DBAs can better utilize cloud and distributed alternatives for server replication, application deployment, and backup while both improving service levels and lowering costs through reduction in bandwidth utilization.

Key SQL Boost Features Include:

  • Amplify Performance between bandwidth constrained SQL Servers by up to 10x.
  • Enable Remote Locations by improving ROI for cloud and remote deployments.
  • Accelerate Transactions and deliver high speed LAN-like performance over a WAN.
  • Strengthen Security with enterprise grade end-to-end encryption of SQL Server data.
  • Get Started in Minutes with zero configuration – just download, install, and go.

This update may be downloaded from the customer portal, and a fully functional trial is available on the Idera website.