If A Website Is Down, Looking For Uptime Critical Email Response.

by Jan 29, 2014

If a Website is down, looking for Uptime CRITICAL email response.


In attempting to test if a website is up:

I created a service monitor.

I have a script:  d:jobsUpTimegetloginpage.cmd

An Argument: HTTPS://____.net  (one service monitor for each website.)

RESPOSE TIME set to >999 ms for Warning and >1499 ms for CRITICAL. 


It works if the website is up.  It emails if response time is too slow and meets the Warning Criteria and Pages if it meets the Critical Criteria.

If the Website is down, the TEST SERVICE MONITOR will run, and not time out and the window just keeps flashing in the boxes and saying “Testing …. Please Wait.”


We need to know if the website is down.  I know if it is down it will not see the script.  We need an email of failure on response time or website not found.


If there a better way to test a down website and get an email response.

I am fairly new to uptime.


Thank You.