Including Uptime Agent In Os Deployment – Agent Not Discovered By Uptime

by Nov 5, 2013

We are currently moving to using System Center Config Manager for OS deployment. I’ve packaged up the Uptime agent in a Software Package and I’ve included it in the task sequence to deploy Windows 2012 R2. I have then deployed the task sequence to a VMware Virtual Machine. The Task Sequence does it’s thing, the OS installs and everything seems to work ok. When I log into the finished OS, I can see the Uptime agent running and it all looks good. 


When I log in to Uptime, I can see that it has picked up the new virtual machine via vSync. However, when I click on the info tab of the new object in uptime, there is no agent information. When I go to the support page and run the agent scanner utility, nothing comes back when I enter the hostname. Also, there are no default Ping and Uptime service checks, and I can’t seem to add any service checks to the new host.


Any ideas on where I might be going wrong? Should it be picking up the agent as soon as it has been picked up via vSync as a virutal machine or does it take a while? I’ve waited about 6 hours and it hasn’t discovered the agent yet.


Has anyone successfully included the uptime agent as part of a WDS or SCCM OS deployment? Prior to SCCM we were using VMware Templates to deploy the Uptime agent and it was all working ok.