Installation issues with 8.2 and 8.3

by Oct 14, 2016

For months now we've had issues with installation of 8.2 and now 8.3.  Remote installs from the Management Console fail constantly with no actual error just that it cannot install.  Support on this issue has also been essentially nonexistent.  I'm getting frustrated beyond end.  Idera expects us to pay for software maintenance but what do they actually maintain if they can't or won't fix installation issues?  I have no problems remote deploying things like Symantec EndPoint but SQLSafe since v8 has refused to deploy.  Our SQL servers have remote deployed SQLSafe since v6 without issue and we waited to upgrade to v8 until 8.2 just to make sure the typical Idera bugs in the .0 release was resolved, but clearly it was a mistake to leave v7.  Idera's solution is to manually install the agent at each machine and while that may work that's NOT why we pay them.  They're paid to deliver a product that's free from unreasonable bugs and installation bugs are unreasonable.  We should never deal with those.  It appears they're focused more on fluff like the Dashboard rather than actual functionality.  There are so many things they should be doing with SQLSafe that they're not, but right now I'd settle for an installation routine that actually worked or actually gave me legitimate errors so we could fix them.