Integrated cross-platform SQL IDE for increased database development efficiency

by Dec 22, 2014

Have you ever wanted a SQL IDE that would help you code SQL for multiple platforms using a Single IDE?

Now you can! with Embarcadero's RapidSQL XE6, it gives you the ability to code and debug SQL for some of the most demanding platforms like

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • SAP Sybase ASE
  • MySQL
  • JDBC
  • ODBC and many more!

We also have a Technical Preview of Teradata as well.

Some of the key features!

On-the-fly SQL syntax alerts, semantic validation, and SQL parsing

Visual query builder

Object creation wizard

Team code management, including version control operations such as checkout and check-in

Paste SQL Syntax Made Super Easy!

To know more about becoming a Super Pro using RapidSQL attend one of our bi-weekly webinars.

And there's more! Download and register the Rapid SQL trial and you're entered to win a Samsung Android tablet.

For further information: Check out the RapidSQL HomePage