Integrating Up.time With Everything (portal Updates)

by Jun 16, 2011

I thought i would share some of the changes that i have completed to make up.time integrate will all of out tools we are using.

PNG version of the above

1a) Removed 2 tables above the portal for extra screen room ( very useful if you have more that 10 alerts at a single time )
1b) Added option to upgrade my additions from the gui
2) Added a wiki link to a page in our wiki for the specific host, when can now click from the uptime portal to the documentation page for the host that has generated the alert.
3) the “Blue Button” is a link to our host status page, it re-runs all the monitoring and then shows the status of the host in realtime
4) Added an extra category of “INFO”, as we wanted a way to alert on configuration problems that didn't need to be attended to After hours.
5) We commonly ack alerts with incidents (ITIL shop), because of this i wrote a regex scanner for incidents that replace the standard text with a hyperlink to our ILIT web gui
6) I was annoyed at mousing over acks to check the status, so i pulled out the information into the TD
7) I wanted a very quick “re-check” button, clicking this button forces uptime to recheck the status of an alert. Very useful for false alerts
8) Each alert name has its own wiki page, so at 3am in the morning you dont need to search for the answer, its a link from the alert.
9) cleaned up the custom monitoring alert where it says matched (“ERROR”) then writes the content of the alert on the line
10 remove the image that you needed to mouse over to get the error message if it was too long.

All the above is completed in plugin for firefox or chrome, with no code changes to the php or database  /smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”smile.gif” />

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