Introducing a Versatile Solution for Database Developers and Administrators

by Jun 2, 2021

Database administrators (DBAs) and developers have specialized requirements when regarding their support software tools. The two roles entail performing multiple tasks related to developing and maintaining databases and database applications. Using the right set of tools can enhance team productivity while maximizing the value of enterprise data resources. 

IDERA’s DB PowerStudio offers bundled applications tailored to meet the needs of database administrators and developers. The developer edition includes Rapid SQL, DB Optimizer, and DB Change Manager. PowerStudio’s DBA edition provides the same three tools with the addition of DB Artisan. 

An Overview of DB PowerStudio’s Components

Let’s take a look at the features offered by DB PowerStudio’s components. You’ll see how they can work together to streamline the daily responsibilities of administrators and developers. All of the components support multiple database platforms making them a great solution for minimizing the team’s learning curve and boosting long-term productivity.

Rapid SQL

As its name implies, this application is designed to facilitate the creation of high-performing SQL statements on the Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and SAP Sybase database platforms. The tool has many features that foster collaboration and simplify the process of developing efficient SQL code for DBAs and developers. 

Visual query building tools enable complex SQL statements to be constructed with a point-and-click approach. Rapid SQL furnishes a flexible IDE that can automatically correct inefficient code. A versatile debugger locates coding errors in stored procedures and functions. Version control is supported and a source code repository makes it easy for teams to collaborate with Rapid SQL.

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DB Optimizer

Database developers and administrators need the ability to optimize poorly performing SQL queries. A unique aspect of this tool is its Visual SQL Tuning (VST) feature which takes text-based SQL code and translates it into graphical diagrams. A tuning wizard suggests solutions and the color-coded index analysis feature identifies used, unused, and missing indexes. DB Optimizer supports Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase databases.

Teams can perform load testing to simulate the effects of SQL code changes on production environments. Wait-time analysis can be conducted through database profiling, enabling problem statements to be identified and optimized. Explain plans are generated so users can better understand their performance costs and how the statements will be executed.

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DB Change Manager

Effective change management is a critical part of any database team’s maintenance efforts. DB Change Manager enables teams to easily manage database changes for Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase systems from a single platform with a wide range of attractive features. Snapshots can be taken of target databases before changes are applied so they can quickly be rolled back if necessary.

Reports can be generated to review changes introduced by vendor patches. Alerts can be sent when specific parts of a database have changed to avoid confusion. Data masking enables sensitive data to be used realistically in test, development, and QA database instances. Teams can conduct database audits to ensure compliance with enterprise standards and policies. 

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DB Artisan

DB Artisan is designed to meet the needs of DBAs and is not included in the developer version of DB PowerStudio. It provides a unified interface from which DBAs can manage Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, Sybase databases. With DB Artisan, teams have the ability to manage space, data, and performance metrics to ensure databases are always available and performing up to expectations. 

Data and schema migrations are simplified by the use of the Migration Wizard which guides administrators through the process. A graphical display can be used to view execution plans to help find and resolve performance issues. DB Artisan provides DBAs with the functionality they need to keep databases running at peak efficiency.

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You can view a short video that demonstrates some of DB PowerStudio’s features and how easy it is to navigate its interface. It offers a brief introduction to a set of solutions that can become an indispensable part of a database team’s software toolbox. 

The components of the developer and DBA versions of DB PowerStudio are designed to give technical staff a variety of dedicated tools to simplify their jobs. Each application can also be used as a stand-alone solution for teams that don’t need the complete package. 

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