Introducing the All New Monyog v7.0 GA

by Jan 16, 2017

Monyog MySQL Monitor v7.0 is the biggest release to date as the UI has been redesigned to unveil the full capabilities of the tool. This version of Monyog takes the MySQL monitoring to a whole another level as the most critical information can now be accessed with less user interaction and all the related information is available in one view. We've also introduced new features like Customizable Dashboard, Overview of MySQL environment & industry leading Replication Hierarchy view and more.

The All New Monyog v7.0 makes you better at monitoring MySQL by offering the following advantages:

  • Avoid the visibility gap across your complex data tier.
  • Achieve faster issue resolution.
  • Immediately uncover valuable server performance insight.

How is this version better than the previous version?

The change between this release and the previous version is primarily in the frontend/UI. Additionally, you will be noticing the following additions to the tool with version 7.0:

Top-level view of MySQL servers

You can see the top 10 queries across your MySQL environment based on the total execution time. This helps you save time to identify problematic queries instead of manually searching for them across each server. The overview page also provides the count of the total servers registered with Monyog, the total number of disconnected servers, servers with critical alerts and the servers with warnings.

Customizable dashboards and Intuitive charts

Monyog MySQL Monitor v7.0 enables you to create & customize dashboards as per your need for monitoring critical MySQL metrics. You can easily enable or disable MySQL and system charts such as MySQL availability, connections, cache misses, statements, CPU & IO usage and much more. The dashboard provides you the ability to expand a particular chart, go back in time and identify queries that bear an impact on your MySQL server performance.

Powerful Query Analyzer

Query Analyzer shows the top 5 queries based on execution time. It helps you find the problematic queries across your servers and spot performance problems in the complex data layer.

Industry-Leading Replication Topology View

With Monyog, you get an industry leading visibility into replication hierarchy of the servers along with the details of each replicated server to make sure the data is always up to date. Color codes help to represent different states of the replication servers.

Better MySQL server search

The new version provides a simple search option to find any server registered with Monyog. Now be it 5 servers or 200 servers, track the performance of any MySQL server with ease.

Please give it a spin. Due to the UI changes, you may want to run this version in a staging setup for a few hours or days before employing it in production just for checking it out.

Here’s a quick overview of the All New Monyog v7.0:

Download a free trial of the All New Monyog here.

Important notice: With this release, we have changed the registration keys. Please get your new key available when upgrading. As always you will get it from the customer area.