Is it possible to create a object with multiple class member in powershell?

by Nov 17, 2014

Hi, guys, 

I'm quite new in powershell scripting. I'm trying to use powershell to analysis some text based log (such as internal network access log).

I saw some object related examples for powershell, for me, it most likely comes from command, not programing.

I'm wondering if I can create a complex object with multi class member in power shell, for example:

      — Name
      — BudgeNo
      — Department
 —-Access URL
       —Good Site
       —Bad Site

So, if I try to check object.access.badsite, and got some finding,  I can just return data like

Is it possible? If so, how could I add a sub-member?


Thanks very much for your help and guide in advance.