Is your MySQL monitoring tool cloud ready?

by Jan 25, 2011

Cloud, cloud, cloud. Cloud computing has become the phrase du jour, says one analyst from Gartner. But with many moving to cloud for its obvious benefits, it can no longer be ignored. An offshoot of cloud computing is utility computing. What interests us here is Database-as-a-Service, in particular MySQL on cloud.

Coming back to our original question – Is your MySQL monitoring tool cloud ready? Well, many monitoring tools need agents on server to be monitored. For obvious reasons database-on-cloud vendors don’t allow one to install anything on the servers. With Amazon launching RDS (which is nothing but MySQL instance on cloud) there is a pressing need for tools that can monitor MySQL on cloud. Database-as-a-Service space is getting hotter by the every passing day. Few more vendors that I can reckon are – ClearDB, Xeround & FathomDB.

Another key feature of cloud is scalability. You can add more resources or servers in a click of button. Can your MySQL monitoring tool scale in tandem with the increasing servers on cloud?

Cloud is also known for how fast one can get started. You can setup & start using most of the cloud services in matter of minutes. How fast & easy is it to setup your MySQL monitoring tool?

We are pleased to announce the release of MONyog 4.2 – MySQL Monitor & Advisor, one of the most significant releases till date. MONyog is by design cloud ready. It requires no agents on the server & hence can monitor MySQL instances running on cloud. Here is a post from my colleague on monitoring Amazon RDS with MONyog. According to our internal benchmark reports a single instance of MONyog can monitor 500+ servers (even at 1 sec collection intervals) effortlessly. Perfect match for database-on-cloud solutions. Additionally MONyog is light weight. It has its own tiny web-server & does not ask you to install Apache, Java etc. It can get up & running in under 2 minutes.

Start your evaluation of MONyog – MySQL Monitor & Advisor here. Let us know your thoughts. We are all ears.

Team MONyog