Issues With Advanced Monitors

by May 31, 2010

I am having some issues with the Advanced Montioring side of things when it comes to the UPTIME application. I have created a script which checks for the status of a Solaris 10 Service and then returns either an 0 or a 2 depending on the status of the service. I have selected a client which is not the Montioring Station host and I have placed the script on the montioring station in the /opt/uptime/scripts-solaris directory. I then created a custom service but what I see is that it is not checking the target client (Test Service Instance / Global Scan) but the montioring station instead. Do I need to put the script on the client itself but this would be different compared with the documentation (Chapter 14, Page 304, up.time 5 User Guide).

Any help on this will be most appreciated.