Issues with selecting display row in listbox

by Aug 27, 2014

Listview question…

I am making a listview box of, for example, aa, aab, ba, bb, cc.  I can populate the box with no issues (call it $listbox1)

I have a seperate textbox that accepts user input.  On any text change, I want to hightlight the item in thej list box.

$mgmtgroupsall is my listbox.
$MgmtGroupLookup is a text box
    $start = [int]0
    $lookup = $([string]$mgmtgrouplookup.text)
    write-debug "Starting record $($start) with a look up of ($lookup)"

for ($ct=$start$ct -lt $mgmtgroupsall.Items.Count; $ct++)
   if ($([string]$mgmtgroupsall.Items[$ct]).startswith($lookup))
      # This does not work…
      $MgmtGroupsAll.SelectedItem = $ct  # How do I set what line is displayed?
      write-host "Line $($ct) is what should be highlighted"

What I am missing is how to programatically set the $MgmtGroupsAll listbox to have item #3 highlighted (as if I had chosen the scroll bar to show it).

In other words, I have a list of club members (about 4000).  I want to be able to type "Smith" to then have the list box take me to the first line that starts with Smith.

I can get what line number that line is that should be displayed, but where (how) do I tell the listbox that it should be displaying that item # 200 (or 300, etc) in the list?

That is, when someone enters C in the text box, I want it to highlight the first entry that starts with C, etc..  Without having to re-work the array to display *ONLY* the C's..